'Code Black' Season 2 Cuts Two Cast Members

F.R.I.E.N.D.S (1994 TV series): This epic American TV sitcom has been created by David Crane and Marta Kauffman. Rachel Green flees her wedding day and seeks out childhood friend Monica Geller, a New York City chef. They become roommates, and Rachel joins Monica’s social circle of single people in the mid-20s: struggling actor Joey Tribbiani, business professional Chandler Bing, masseuse and musician Phoebe Buffay and newly divorced palentoloist Ross Geller, Monica’s older brother. To support herself, Rachel becomes a waitress at Central Park, a Manhattan coffee house where the group often hangs out, and when not there, the 6 are usually at Monica and Rachel’s nearby West Village apartment, or Joey and Chandler’s across the hall. The show depict the friend’s comedic and romantic adventures and career issues such as Joey auditioning for roles or Rachel seeking jobs in the fashion industry. The 6 characters each have many dates and serious relationships such as Monica with Richard Burke and Ross with Emily Waltham. Ross and Rachel’s intermittent relationship is the most often-recurring storyline: during the 10 seasons of the show they repeatedly date and break-up, even while Ross briefly marries Emily, he and Rachel have a child, Chandler and Monica date and marry each other, and Phoebe marries Mike Hannigan. Other frequently recurring characters include Ross and Monica’s parents in Long Island, Ross’ ex-wife and their son, Central Perk barista Gunther, Chandler’s ex-girlfriend Janice and Phoebe’s twin sister Ursule.

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'Code Black' season 2 cuts two cast members
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