After A Hiatus, Sugarland Starts Conversation With Music

Nettles: It's pretty simple because if you want to engage people, the best way to not do that is yell at them and make them feel bad about themselves. If you want to engage people, the best way to do it is to offer them a conversation in a way that might open them up and what a wonderful way to open people up through music.

AP: The strongest message on this album is a song that hasn't been released yet called "Tuesday's Gone," which is about school shootings and bullying. Did you struggle with how to write this?

Bush: I was coming to visit Jennifer to write and I'd seen the newspaper in the back of the airplane you know and it was a school shooting that was in the northeast. And I just folded it up and put it back. I'm going to write Sugarland songs. I can't look at this. But I had to get it out. So I put it in my phone and I walked in the door and Jennifer is like, 'How are you feeling? What are you doing? What's on your mind? What's on your heart?' And I was like, 'Oh you're not (going to) like this, but we can't write this.' And she's like 'Oh yeah? That's pretty awesome. Send that to me.'

Nettles: And it's super anthemic too because I had read this beautiful article about Ruby Sales. She's a civil rights activist and she has an amazing story. But in it she talked about really the question that we need, the human question that we need to ask each other is 'Where does it hurt?'

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After a hiatus, Sugarland start a conversation with music
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After a hiatus, Sugarland start a conversation with music