Allentown Council OKs Nearly $1 Million For Computer Virus Fix

Costs continue to rise for Allentown as it grapples with a cyberattack that crippled some of the city’s most vital systems earlier this year.

An extra $220,000 will be needed to pay for virus remediation, according to an ordinance to be considered by Allentown City Council on Wednesday. That comes on top of the nearly $1 million that the city has already spent to rebuild systems following the attack.

According to city documents, the additional money is needed to change Allentown’s licensing model with Microsoft to “ensure a secure environment for the future.” Allentown is in the final year of its licensing agreement with Microsoft.

Allentown was struck by a malware virus known as Emotet in mid-February, an attack that threatened all city systems that run on Microsoft, including the city’s 185-camera surveillance network.

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Allentown computer virus fix to cost extra $220,000
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