Allentown Computer Virus Fix To Cost Extra $220,000

Gower cited the state's response to a massive security threat that occurred when the NBC website was hacked as an example of how the state's security team responds to a crisis.

Within 15 minutes of the attack, the state received notice from federal authorities that the NBC website had been hacked and was sending zero day malware out through the computer network, he said. That means there was no anti-virus software that could stop the infection from spreading to website visitors, he said.

State security workers immediately implemented a control that blocked state computer users on the system from going to the website. They also identified every state computer on the system that had gone to the website during the time it was unsafe and sent out workers to remove the infected code from each computer. Once federal officials determined the NBC site had been fixed and the problem and infection removed from all local computers, the state's block on the NBC website was lifted.

State security officials also were successful in protecting state computers from attack during OpUSA, when groups of foreign hackers banned together to mount cyber attacks on various U.S. government agencies and banks in a protest of American foreign policy, he said.

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