Blue Lights In Wellington's New Bus Fleet Spark Complaints On Twitter

Saturday, 1 September 2018, 4:27 pm

Press Release: Vector Limited

Vector Lights for Blue September Bathed in Blue as Tribute to Kiwi Men

Blue September first charity to shine with Vector Lights on Auckland Harbour Bridge

Vector Lights on Auckland Harbour Bridge will glow with 600 customised lighting configurations tonight in tribute to the 600 New Zealand men who die from prostate cancer each year.

As the first charity ever to light up the Bridge with Vector Lights, Blue September, the annual awareness and fundraising month for the Prostate Cancer Foundation, is asking Aucklanders to turn their attention to the iconic landmark and reflect on the importance of making sure the men in their lives get an annual prostate check by their GP.

Graeme Woodside, Prostate Cancer Foundation CEO says the opportunity to make a big impact through Vector Lights is essential for Blue September.

“Many people still think that prostate cancer is not a significant concern, but the numbers tell a different story,” said Mr Woodside. “One Kiwi man is diagnosed every 3 hours, 1 or 2 die each day and the diagnosis numbers rival breast cancer, so we are very thankful to Vector Lights for helping us to raise much-needed awareness.”

Part of a ten-year smart energy partnership between Vector and Auckland Council, Vector Lights is an experience and a destination, giving Aucklanders a focal point for celebration and recognition.

Powered by a mix of leading technology, including solar and battery systems, Vector Chief Executive Officer, Simon Mackenzie, says Vector Lights enhances the iconic nature of Auckland Harbour Bridge in an exciting and creative way.

“Vector Lights on Auckland Harbour Bridge has fast become a landmark destination for residents and visitors to Auckland. We’re glad to be able to shine a light on the worthy cause of Blue September through Vector Lights.”

Key details:

• Lighting configured to represent 600 men who die annually from prostate cancer

• Dates: Friday 31 August / Saturday 1 September / Sunday 2 September

• Timing: Approximately 6.30pm onwards

Other Auckland landmarks ‘going blue’ during the month include The Cloud, SkyTower, Viaduct Harbour, Eden Park, Town Hall and Civic Theatre.

Information about Vector Lights, including show times, best viewing points around the city, and extra details, is available at


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