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Why has Donald Trump devoted so many tweets to demeaning and diminishing former FBI attorney Lisa Page and attacking her relationship with former Deputy Assistant Director Peter Strzok? CNN revealed the reason behind Trump’s tweets on Monday morning with excerpts from congressional testimony by Page and former FBI general counsel James Baker. Those transcripts show that the question of investigating Trump as a Russian asset had been debated inside the FBI for months, until his actions following the dismissal of FBI direct James Comey finally tipped the balance of that debate, driving even the most reluctant to finally acknowledge what had seemed unthinkable. And they bring a different light to some testimony that had already been available to the public.

On Friday, the >New York Times reported that the investigation of connections between Donald Trump and Russia was not just about whether Trump’s campaign had conspired with the Russian government in the 2016 election. It wasn’t just about whether Trump had used his position to obstruct justice by hampering that investigation. As the Times reported then, and the >Washington Post amplified on Saturday, the FBI launched an investigation into whether or not Trump was himself an operative for the Russian government working against the interests of the United States.

Now CNN has obtained transcripts of the two FBI officials speaking to Congress in closed door hearings. These transcripts show that the FBI strongly resisted those who urged them to investigate Trump during the campaign.

But following the firing of Comey, Trump’s open admission that he had taken that action to halt the Russia investigation, the vitriolic and Russia-centric first draft of Trump’s letter to Comey, and Trump’s same-day meeting with the Russian foreign minister and ambassador, those who had been protecting Trump in the FBI finally acknowledge that those who had been pushing for investigation of Trump—which included Strzok—were right. It was an investigation that had to happen, even if the whole idea of investigating a sitting executive for working against the interests of the nation struck everyone as daunting.

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