Dallas: It’s Not Just Oil Barons And Big Hats – 40 Years On From The TV Series

Which brings us to Sunday evening, when Reel Big Fish’s Aaron Barrett comes trotting out during Goldfinger’s set like Bruce Springsteen sitting in with Billy Joel, that is, if Springsteen had been sporting the same mutton chop sideburns and Hawaiian shirt for 25 years. The first song he plays with the band is Goldfinger’s hit “Superman,” which sounds decidedly like a Reel Big Fish song, maybe not coincidentally (“This guy played my wedding,” Feldy informs the crowd when he introduces Barrett). Then they launch into “Sell Out.” The horns blare like the drunkest guy at a New Year’s party, the song explodes like Evil Knievel jumping the Grand Canyon. I stand there in awe, a boneheaded grin slathered across my face that I couldn’t wipe off if I tried. Barrett sings: “The record company’s gonna give me lots of money / And everything’s gonna be all right.” In the middle of the song, Feldy hurls himself into the crowd, surfing along outstretched arms until he’s out in the middle of the throng. They prop him so he’s standing upright, his arms outstretched, chin thrust to the heavens, lording over that which he has wrought, these tens of thousands of knucklehead ska fans, including your correspondent, having a blast on our beach.

Source : https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/third-wave-ska-festival_us_5bdb1973e4b01abe6a1bfeee

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