Dude, You've Got Spyware!

I can understand Dell's decision to limit support for customer's mistakes - it creates liability. A PC manufacturer should be responsible to support the hardware and software that shipped with the system - not everything that the user installs once they get it home. As far as a corporation suggesting that they use something like adaware or spybot - once they do so they can become liable to support that application and any potential questions/issues

that come of it's use.

Many suggestions were made for people simply not to buy Dell (or other namebrands) and to build there own systems - or have them built. This is not the answer for a user that isn't savvy enough to know how to remove spyware - or at least know where to find out how. How does having a clone system (with no support) leave them in a better position that a branded system with limited support?? Sure you say ... "it's my friend (cousin, aunt, aquaintance) If they call me I can help them with it - I am not worried about liability ..." Would you refuse to help them if they called you with a problem (that they created) with a Dell? Sony? HP? If you build their system exactly where do you draw the support line?

Simply put when a person that does not have the time or inclination to learn how to fix their system (that they munged up)they just might have to pay to have it set right. Either with time and research or pay a technician.

Source : http://www.dslreports.com/shownews/36056

Dude, You've Got Spyware!
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