Google To Android Phone Makers: Don't Go Crazy With The Notches

Like it or not, smartphone notches are a thing. While most smartphones with notches – i.e. display cutouts a la the iPhone X – have just one, Google is anticipating a scenario where phone makers have the brilliant idea to put several of them on a single device. Fortunately, the web giant is putting the kibosh on that.

In a Monday blog post advising Android developers how to deal with this new and questionable design choice, Google declared that two notches are the limit.

"Devices may only have up to one cutout on each short edge of the device," Android System UI Product Manager Megan Potoski wrote. "This means that: You won't see multiple cutouts on a single edge, or more than two cutouts on a device. You won't see a cutout on the left or right long edge of the device."

Sigh of relief for that.

Of course, these rules apply only to Android, so if Apple wanted to create a phone with notches on all sides, it theoretically could, though that probably won't happen.

On the downside for those aesthetically offended by even one notch, it looks like they're here to stay. Potoski said there are currently 16 notched Android devices from 11 phone makers on the market "including several Android P beta devices, with more on the way."

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Google to Android Phone Makers: Don't Go Crazy With the Notches
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