How To: Setup And Start Using Evernote

Several people have commented, or messaged me after I posted on a thread on the “Minimalism, Declutter Your Life” board on Facebook about the fact that I use EVERNOTE to organize all of my important documents. It seems many of you like the idea of Evernote, but have tried it in the past or feel intimidated by getting started with it. BELIEVE ME I know the feeling! Many, many years ago when I first started using it I felt the same way. But it’s really not that hard to get started and the effort you put in will be well worth it!

Because I feel so passionately about how well this app can help you organize your life, I decided to write something to show you how I use Evernote and how you can get started using it yourself.

Before I start, let me say that I DO NOT work for Evernote and have not been compensated in any way for this. I am simply sharing how this wonderful tool has simplified, and organized my life in hopes you’ll check it out as well. Also, Evernote is not the ONLY tool out there that you can use to organize your important documents and things digitally, I am well aware of that. In fact, I actually use Microsoft One Note for organizing and sharing content at work, as the school district where I teach has purchased Office 365 for our email and productivity tools. One Note is great and I use it for my work and even with my 5th grade students, but Evernote has remained my “tool of choice” for personal and home organization.

My aim for this article, is to show you how I use Evernote to organize my personal and household life and I will also share some resources to help you get up and running with it as well. I figured the easiest way to do that, was to take you on a tour of my OWN Evernote account, so let’s get started:

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My Evernote setup

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