Man Charged With Hacking Network Of Hospital Convicted

A Massachusetts man has been convicted by a federal jury for attacking the computer network of a world-renowned hospital.

Prosecutors say 32-year-old Martin Gottesfeld was convicted Wednesday in U.S. District Court in Boston on two counts related to attempting to damage and damaging protected computers.

Gottesfeld has acknowledged he launched a computer network attack against Boston Children's Hospital and Wayside Youth & Family Support Network in 2014.

The attack on the Children's Hospital flooded 65,000 IP addresses with junk data, and disrupted the facility's network for at least two weeks. Prosecutors say this cost the hospital about $600,000.

He has previously said he did this to protest the treatment of a Connecticut teenager who was at the center of a custody fight between Massachusetts and her parents.

Gottesfeld will be sentenced in November.


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Man charged with hacking network of hospital convicted
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Man charged with hacking network of hospital convicted
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