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I love gasoline! President Obama hates gasoline!

February 24, 2012

Dear President Obama,

Some day soon if I’m running across the national mall shouting “Wolverines!” while carrying an empty gas can, looking for some of that “Obama Algae,” at least you cannot say you were not warned. This nations 15 Trillion dollar economy is entirely dependent on the creation, refining, distribution, and consumption of natural resources like coal, oil, and natural gas. Each one of these components intermingle in a dance of price, supply, quantity, and demand. Their existence and availability is constantly perturbed by people of your ideological ilk that threaten these companies with onerous taxation and nationalization; up to and including, through direct threats and/or intrusive regulation. A gallon of gasoline should be considered a national hero. It provides us freedom of movement, and the ability to move about a great nation with a level of convenience only known to modern humanity.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that when a nation as vital as ours is to a stable and advancing world; lazily relies on a portion of the world wracked with insanity, like the middle east is and will always be, we are committing an act of insanity ourselves. We even set up a federal department to fix this situation, which of course, they have made far worse. We have all of the resources we need here to become self sufficient. We have the oil, we have the natural gas, we have the coal, we have nuclear power; but more then that, we have the can do American ingenuity, and positive spirit, that has been and will always be our greatest weapon in defeating any adversary or national challenge.

Your administration has squandered billions on chasing the unicorn of the liberal free lunch, often referred to as “renewable energy.” One only needs to watch “Mr. Wizards World” to realize the foolishness in this pursuit on a national scale. I could build you a solar powered car, with a rechargeable battery, and then if I could find a human the size of a Luke Skywalker action figure it would work just fine. Just so long as it never left the driveway. In reality, electric cars can’t work because of size and weight. If we abandoned the safety features of these cars they would work, and people buy motorcycles so why would they not buy those electric cars? I’ll tell you why. Because you look like a dork in one. On a motorcycle you look cool. But If you want an electric car it can be done, and somebody will buy it. But it can’t be done with crony capitalism, lawsuit city, and federal regulation, plus Ralph Nader in the passenger seat!

So you keep droning on about it’s not my fault. It’s not my fault we invaded Libya. It’s not my fault that we have destabilized Egypt who is in possession of M1 Abrams tanks and F-16’s. It’s not my fault that tax receipts are falling. It’s not my fault that good Americans can’t find work. It’s not my fault that I’ve not done what had to be done to get this economy moving. It’s not my fault that I’ve so mismanaged NASA that we can’t even launch a capsule with an American in it without paying a gangster like Putin the vig. It’s not my fault that guns have been given to the worst of the worst because my attorney general ok’d the dumbest idea since the Edsel. Its not my fault that this war for one side of the same muslim/arab coin is lining up for a mushroom cloud. Would you like me to continue? Because I’m ready willing and able to do so.

“We the People” have taken enough blame from the likes of you. In short order, we are going to drive to those polls and register our firm displeasure. Even if we can’t afford the gasoline to get there.


Joe Doakes

Source : https://washington.cbslocal.com/2012/03/10/president-obama-strikes-back-at-gop-critics-on-gas-prices/

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