Samsung Spitballing: What Might TouchWiz 6 Look Like?

Samsung’s proprietary TouchWiz interface you find plastered on top of its phones and tablets has received a truckload of criticism.

The main reason? It’s so heavily featured that even experienced users might have a hard time finding their way around and getting to know the full list of features the handset is equipped with.

But Samsung has been listening to your complaints all along and it is finally ready to make a drastic change while its TouchWiz UI is concerned.

TouchWiz will get a serious re-design on the Galaxy S6

So what’s the plan? According to industry sources reported by Business Korea, the tech giant is looking reduce the capacity of system memory and improve function by axing unnecessary features and focusing on the important ones.

The report goes on to say that Samsung is looking to simplify things to the level of the Google Nexus 6. That’s an important overhaul and we’re curious to see what the near-stock TouchWiz version will look like.

The TouchWiz saga is a long one

Now for a bit of history. Samsung has introduced TouchWiz with its Galaxy S3 smartphone, and since then it has added numerous new features with each new phone it launched. However, these functions end up putting a toll on the system capacity.

At some point, the interface had become so cluttered and full that users had a hard time navigating and experienced annoying delays in responsiveness too.

But finally Samsung is getting ready to remedy the situation with the new iteration of TouchWiz. However, we currently don’t know whether Sammy will roll out a completely new design or just focus on a lighter version of what’s already working with.

If you remember, sometime before its retirement, @evleaks published a series of images depicting Samsung’s upcoming “Iconic UX” which was said to be arriving on the Galaxy S5.

We all know that didn't happen; however, it could be that Iconic UX wasn't ready at the time. Months later, Samsung might have finalized it, so we could be looking at a Galaxy S6 flagship bundled with this particular interface. It’s a possibility.

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