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Where is the best place to sit in danfo? Should you tip your

Uber driver? First off, you can anticipate the presence of an Uber driver so we get their perspective on perpetually fueled anti-Uber/anti-Taxify movement on Twitter NG. 

Second, from the angle of discussions of whether to tip your Uber driver — which the gang thinks you should, as they are ‘apparently’ scarce, they also examine your mastery of danfo.

The concept of auto-piloting is sitting directly behind the bus driver. It is about survival instinct and the concept of self-preservation, which means most drivers usually try to avoid terrible things and you, sat directly behind him will mostly avoid whatever the driver avoids.

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Do you still bootleg?

Nigerians still largely have a problem with paying for things, especially when they also have to spend on data for internet connectivity. Thus, the acceptance of bootlegging as against paying for

IrokoTV, Boomplay, Apple Music, Spotify, and

Netflix is still a reality.

How do you manage? The gang discuss the truth and they think you can make it happen

Shout-out to the Nigerian minimum wage

The Nigerian minimum wage issue is a problem, but the Nigerian truth is problematic as the equitable wealth generation at state-level is a tedious reality. States are overly dependent on government bailout funds, and that is why we can easily get dribbled by the Nigerian Legislature.

The gang examines the truth for an interesting discussion.

‘Gucci beans don’t cook well’

Ladies and gentlemen, according to our Minister of Information,

Lai Mohammed said

El-Zakzaky gets fed with N3.5m every month. Apparently, he eats Gucci beans, Armani rice, and Yeezy bread. Shout-out to Lai Mohammed for this

Lamba level.

The gang gets down here. If the sarcasm flew over your head, you’re on a long thing.

Conversations also moved to

Prince Charles, Shawarma , the Lagos social scene, the Nigerian culinary cornerstones and other great issues.

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