Taylor Swift Snubbed By MTV VMAS

Taylor Swift’s have found themselves sinking in sands of confusion this week after learning that the chart-rocking, stage-blazing superstar was snubbed by this year’s

MTV Video Music Awards.

Full story below…

VMAs always kissing Beyonce’s add, they want her to perform ugh…… Why isn’t Taylor swift LWYMMD nominated for vid of the year? It broke the Vevo record and stuff

— Barb101💕💕 (@_Dryminaj) July 16, 2018

Though all of the videos Swift has released this year fall within the eligibility period, none of them were shown any love in the major categories forcing her to cower  before

Cardi B who nabbed ten nominations.

Incensed by this? Her fans.

EXCUSE ME? @vmas Taylor Swift did not just bathe in diamonds, drag other artists, use a plane, rode a motorcycle, bring back her old personalities, serve us amazing choreo, and break the 24 hour Vevo record for you to just snub her like that. she clearly had the video of the year pic.twitter.com/s3QdxuPC9A

— pfn (@PopFactsNews) July 16, 2018

Taylor Swift is not nominated in the Artist of the Year and LWYMMD isn’t nominated in the Video of the Year at this year’s VMAs like she didn’t break YouTube and Vevo record at the same time in the first day of ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ mv release. Okay then @MTV @vmas

— allain 🇵🇭 (@swiftreputation) July 16, 2018

Wow. Did VMAs just really did Taylor Swift dirty? Wow. 💩

— stream delicate x (@brunsweeran) July 16, 2018

The fact that the #VMAs would snub LWYMMD on #NationalSnakeDay is just blatant DISRESPECT. I never wanna see MTV use Taylor for ratings or likes ever again smfh LWYMMD dominated pop culture when it dropped & deserves the world pic.twitter.com/14LhoMFNfe

— Oscar Gracey (@oscargracey) July 16, 2018

First the Grammys and Ed Sheeran Now VMAs and Taylor Swift #VmasAreOverParty pic.twitter.com/wT31j0p4uf

— maria gutierrez (@mariarosariogh) July 17, 2018

Unfortunately, there are those who feel the ceremony made the right decision.


Well it wasn’t very good, so….

“Taylor Swift fans think Look What You Made Me Do got snubbed by the VMAs” https://t.co/LOzNOTggt9

— Little Lady, Katie🖕🏼|| [@BuzzKillHQ] [TSL] (@AngstAttack) July 17, 2018

Taylor Swift *tried* to rob Beyonce’s style and used people of color as props. Stop suggesting she was robbed because she didn’t get a default nomination #VMAs #LookwhatyoumadeMTVdo https://t.co/gnBGiuOy93

— Laura (@LauraIsJudgingU) July 17, 2018

Source : https://thatgrapejuice.net/2018/07/taylor-swift-fans-respond-startling-vma-snub/

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