The Slow Motion Coup D’Etat Picks Up Steam

When I hear the anti-Trump media outlets "report" that there is "rapid decline in respect abroad for America," I wonder if the "scholars" putting out this fake news even read about the rest of the world.

In recent European elections, 70 percent of Italian voters voted for far-right parties (more far right than President Trump). In Germany the rightist party (AFD) got more votes than ever before on a platform of immigration control (very Trumpian).

The European Union member nations recently held a summit to discuss the problem of migrants flooding into their countries. A proposed solution was the formation of detention centers on the North African coast to stem the flow (much like Trump's Mexican border strategy).

On the other side of the globe in Myanmar a gentle Buddhist woman, the mother of Burmese democracy and a Nobel Peace Prize winner, Aung San Suu Kyi, talks very much like Trump on the issue of Muslim terrorism regarding her own country's problems with its Rohingya Muslim minority.

In Israel, they've named a square in Jerusalem after Trump.

Yet fake-news purveyors force-feed us propaganda that the world has "declining respect for America" due to that icky Trump and his nastiness.

Perhaps the "loss of respect for the U.S." is due to the slow-motion coup d'etat underway wherein Special Counsel Robert Mueller and Democrats are behaving like a third-world secret police goonsquad, all aided and abetted by a truth-allergic, corrupt media that cheerleads for the slow suffocation/strangling of our democracy.

C. Colpo, Burgettstown

Outraged at Peconi

Dear Mayor Peconi,

I was saddened, then outraged, that you would call for such barbarous treatment of protestors standing up for justice.

Your call for fire hoses to attack protestors was accompanied by vicious insults of people of all backgrounds taking time out of their busy lives -- at much personal risk -- to draw attention to the crucial issue of bias in policing, employment and our political system, which you underlined so vividly.

Your remarks betray a lifelong hostility to civil rights and minorities in society. Are you fit to be a leader of your community? Do you even know what that means? Your remarks make me doubt that.

You not only owe the people of this region an apology for your hateful remarks, you owe us meaningful action to compensate for them, or simply your resignation.

Ronald S. Gaydos, Squirrel Hill

Sharing Trump anger

The anger and disgust expressed by letter-writer Ron Slabe (" After shameful immigration policy, praying our nation finds its way ") is shared by millions of Americans who view Donald Trump as the scariest U.S. president ever -- a view shared by much of the world. Equally scary is the fact that for millions of Trump loyalists, he can do no wrong, even when he lies through his teeth.

Keep raising your voice against his demagoguery, Ron. Yours is a voice of sanity, and I am always comforted when I see one of your letters appear on this page.

Tom Costello, New Kensington

What if Jesus was on Supreme Court?

I have been involved in competition for over 70 years of my life, from spelling bees in grade school to playing professional baseball to coaching young men for over 30 years. When the competitionwas over, if you lost, you accepted defeat and planned for the next chance.

The Democrats (liberals, socialists and communists) still cannot believe that Hillary Clinton is not president. They are against everything President Trump is trying to do. But to vehemently oppose his pick for Supreme Court justice before they even knew who it was falls into complete absurdity. They are worried they will lose the legality of abortion and the immorality of same-sex marriages.

Imagine if Trump had nominated Jesus to the Supreme Court. Prohibiting abortion would be the law. The sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman would be the rule of the land. What would happen? The losers, many of whom proclaim to believe in God, would probably ask him to leave this country, much like people in Israel who crucified him.

Jesus hears every word they speak against him and his laws.

Father Tony Joseph, Johnstown

Trump protesters, learn from history

Upon viewing the protests of Donald Trump in London, while seeking the European Union to bolster their defense contributions to NATO, I couldn't help but recall how the previous generation of Brits protested the aspiring prime minister, Winston Churchill, prior to World War II, asking England to bolster defense from the threat of a German invasion. Churchill was ridiculed for being a warmonger and exaggerating the threat from Germany. Unfortunately, the peace-loving globalists won out. Germany invaded an unprotected England and would have conquered England if not for Churchill's military strategy, America's support and the grace of God.

The socialist mentality of these Trump protesters can lead to dangerous times again. It is not just a coincidence that the German word for socialism is Nazism. The National Association of Socialists of Germany (Nazi) of the 1930s and the National Association of Socialists of the U.S. today only differ in that the Nazi party hated the Jews and wanted to kill them, whereas the American socialists hate Trump and his supporters and want them destroyed. Both use paid groups of thugs to harass and intimidate those they hate. Both use propaganda to sway public opinion.

We can learn from history, or doom ourselves to relive the mistakes of the past.

Joel I. Last, Greensburg

Trump is a fake president

There can be no more excuses for supporting Donald Trump as president. Trump's "Make America Great" is now "Make Trump Great Before America." Trump has made himself to be the modern-day King Herod, sacrificing innocent children for his own personal ends. He is the consummate liar, immoral and without conscience. There is no fake news, but only a president faking it.

Danial McBurney, Tarentum

Let's end Obama's dream

With all the hatred now being spewed by Democrats, the mainstream media and elitists, it becomes apparent to Trump supporters that the trans­formation Obama originated is well under way.

The now popular comparisons they condone to Hitler bring to mind the real culture of America today becoming like the culture of pre-World War II Germany. We now are witness to popularization of hatred toward government, the police, Christians, Muslims, American history, patriotism, the flag, conservatives, our Constitution, the founders, and law and order. Propaganda now proliferates and only the book burnings are absent, but now replaced by planned riots.

The Alinsky "Rules for Radicals" was the Marxist playbook for using hate to create chaos and protest to give rise to power of the likes of a tyrant akin to Hitler or Stalin. The Democrats and their supporters see Trump as the strongest "anti-progressive" in our history, and rather than debate policy issues in our Congress, they use personal character destruction and inordinate attempts at silencing of their opposition. They use liberal judges to inject their ideology into contradiction of logical government decrees to create the chaos needed to build their voting coalition of the generally uninformed public.

Americans want order, prosperity, strength, safety and freedom. We need a government that works, and we don't deserve a major political party obstructing it from same. We need to put a quick end to Obama's dream of fundamental transformation.

Len Bach, Murrysville

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