The Top 30 Artists You Need To Follow On Social Media


2. Vince Staples

Twitter: >@vincestaples Snapchat: @poppystreet

There is one word to describe >Vince Staples’ social media presence: ruthless. So ruthless, in fact, that the 22-year-old rapper recently >deleted nearly 10,000 tweets following a contentious exchange with trolls about the history of slavery. (Vince does not suffer fools.) But thanks to the wonders of Google’s cache, many of his razor-sharp missives remain, like his >send-off to a retiring Kobe Bryant (“I’ve hated you my whole life. Thanks for the memories lil bitch.”) or his >skewering of a certain beloved national holiday (“I don't fuck with thanksgiving cause I don't support the Pilgrims wiping out over 3/4's of the indigenous hood with them setup blankets.”). In everything he does, Vince has a way of cutting through all the bullshit of modern life—which is especially impressive on social media, a realm often derided for containing nothing but bullshit. And though many of his one-liners are no longer easily accessible, he’s already tweeting again, and his >Instagram is active. But his best outlet at this moment may be Snapchat—a recent series of snaps had him dressing down a Golden State Warriors fan as the team lost the NBA Finals, eventually forcing him to sing Usher’s “Hey Daddy (Daddy's Home)” in shameful defeat. The ruthlessness continues. —Ryan Dombal 

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