The Year Of Outrage

A Chinese court sparked outrage after sentencing an author to ten years in prison after she published a book that detailed gay sex.

The author, surnamed Liu, was found guilty by a court in Wuhu, eastern China, after self-publishing a book last year that "obscenely and in detail described gay male-on-male acts," the state-run Wuhu Broadcasting Channel news reported.

Pornography is illegal in China, as is same-sex marriage.

The novel, titled "Occupation," includes "violence, abuse, and insults related to sexual perversion," state media reported, adding that the contents were "unsightly."

The Chinese Communist Party has cracked down on what it considers inappropriate content under Xi Jinping's rule.
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Wuhu county court called for the ten-year sentence because Liu — who writes under the pen name Tian Yi — made 150,000 yuan ($21,600) by selling more than 7,000 copies, the state-run Global Times tabloid reported. The outlet referred to the money earned from the book as "illegal profits."

The judge likely thought that the book "has a baneful impact on the society," the Global Times reported, citing lawyer Lü Xiaoquan.

Police were alerted to the book after it went viral online shortly after its publication in 2017.

Liu has appealed her sentence, the Global Times reported.

Many people have since leaped to Liu's defense, saying that the sentence was too harsh.

One unnamed person said on popular microblogging site Weibo that she was sexually assaulted and injured in Beijing this May, but the perpetrator was sentenced to eight months in prison, the Global Times reported.

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