Thieves In Hot Water After Stealing A Shark

❄️☕️👋🚘 Tempted to leave your car running to defrost and nip inside? |

— RTÉ News (@rtenews) January 18, 2019

With frosty conditions returning, it might be tempting to leave your car running for a few minutes in the morning while you nip back inside for a cup of coffee - but police in Canada are warning against it.

Calgary Police say five cars were stolen on Wednesday morning by thieves who waited for drivers to leave their car running while they stepped back inside.

A video they released on social media shows a woman starting her 4x4 before stepping away, unaware she is being watched.

A man quickly hops into the car, before driving off.

Gardaí issued a similar warning last winter, when two cars were stolen.

Attention all drivers! Reports of 2 cars stolen this morning after drivers left their car running to defrost windscreen. If defrosting, remain in your vehicle or use an ice scraper. #winterready

— An Garda Síochána (@GardaTraffic) November 17, 2017

They said anyone who defrosts their windscreen should remain in their car or use an ice scraper.

The Road Safety Authority has advised motorists to carry a screen scraper and de-icer to defrost their windscreens.

It also said they should not use hot water to defrost the windscreen as it can crack the glass.

The RSA also advised motorists to make sure that the windshield washer system is working and that it is full of an anti-icing fluid.

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