Washington Judge Issues Temporary Ban On Posting Of 3D Printable Gun Files

Those of us on the pro gun side won't compromise anymore because we know what the end game is. Look at the most recent shooting in California. California has EVERY SINGLE "reasonable common sense" restriction on the Brady/Bloomturd list. Waiting periods, enhanced background checks, bans on "assault weapons," no private sales, 10 round magazine limits, handgun rosters (I believe only those with chamber indicators are allowed), red flag laws, no online ammo purchasing, and so on.

Most mass shooters had clean records prior to their crime, so no background checks would have stopped it. Sure, nearly all of them were somewhat "off," but 99% of "off" people will never commit a violent crime, so denying based on that, if you can even find a way to make that determination, will result in many unconstitutional denials.

If there was any solution to this problem, it would have been done long ago. But the fact is, the left's demonization of AR-15s and other center fire semi-automatic magazine fed rifles is a lazy red herring. A rifle's advantage is range and accuracy. Period. In a mass shooting situation, which, with the exception of Las Vegas, are from close range, a Glock 19 with a 33 round magazine is just as effective and deadly as an AR-15. Hell, you don't even need a 33 round magazine. Cho, the Virginia Tech shooter, used 10 round magazines. It simply isn't hard to change magazines. I can do it in under 2 seconds, and I'm not even close to "good" at it.

Source : https://reason.com/volokh/2018/11/09/lawsuit-challenging-new-jersey-ban-on-di

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