What Will Unemployment Look Like In The Future?

"Hey, if that was a peek at the future, it's looking good," Barea said. "Great win. And you see Luka. He just plays the game. And Junior, he had foul trouble, stuck with it and made the big shot. He took a tough shot and made it. They're tough."

This wasn't even a sample size. It was just a single game. But it was, as coach Rick Carlisle said afterward, a must-win game.

"Our guys knew we didn't fight hard enough," Carlisle said of Wednesday night's opening loss at Phoenix. "We fought hard tonight from start to finish. It's a great win for us. We got to get this team playing well. I made it clear before the game that the key tonight was getting the crowd into it with hard play, not individual play. And after the first quarter, we did that."

The 46 points the Mavericks gave up in the first quarter were the most in franchise history for an opening period.

Their 50 3-point attempts also were a franchise record.

But the record that mattered most to them was 1-1, which is far preferable to the 0-4 start they had last season or the 0-5 beginning two years back.

Source : https://sportsday.dallasnews.com/dallas-mavericks/mavericks/2018/10/20/mavericks-win-timberwolves-home-opener-clear-view-future-will-look-like