YISD Taking Steps To Secure Students' Information After It Was Potentially Compromised

Hanks High School parents and students are on alert after a laptop containing sensitive student information was stolen from a school counselor's home.

The school counselor had previously downloaded all Hanks High School student transcripts to a personal computer, and unfortunately, that laptop was stolen from her home Saturday.

Now, the school district has enrolled students in an identity theft-protection program called iLOCK360, which will proactively monitor students' credit scores and Social Security numbers.

That coverage will be in effect, free of charge, until students graduate.

According to the district, preliminary reports show that no information has been compromised since the theft.

Parents don't need to monitor anything -- the system will automatically be checking students' information. If a student's information does become compromised, the parents will immediately be notified through the service.

Students were informed of the incident in an assembly Friday morning.

Letters were also sent home to all parents.

The school district says they are currently looking into the incident. They tell KFOX14 that they do not condone faculty members accessing such sensitive information on a personal device.

"[It's] generally understood that sensitive information and confidential information should not leave the premises. We are responsible by law for that, so it's not something that the district promotes or the district would approve," said YISD Superintendent Xavier De La Torre.

El Paso police are currently investigating the theft.

The school district tells KFOX14 they are addressing the matter with the counselor, but couldn't say what actions, if any, will be taken.

Parents can contact the Hanks High School main office at 915-434-5005 if there are any additional questions or concerns regarding the incident.

Source : https://kfoxtv.com/news/local/ysleta-isd-taking-steps-to-secure-hanks-high-school-students-information-after-it-was-pot

YISD taking steps to secure students' information after it was potentially compromised
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